While technical debt has a negative connotation, there are valid reasons for taking it on. In fact, it can be a smart business strategy especially for early-stage startups as they test out a new product or feature.

The important thing is to be aware of why you’re taking that debt…

Organizations have changed the way their systems operate, over the last decade, with the rise of the cloud. Infrastructure code is an incredibly powerful process that has come out of this change.

Infrastructure code eliminates manual steps and houses configuration information in standardized files. It simplifies configuration and management.


In the world of Computer Science and Information Technology, there are many different disciplines and roles that someone can assume.

We asked Anand Safi, Engineering Manager at tech startup Mark43, to help us understand what tracks exist for entry-level roles.

He broke the opportunities down into three major tracks: web…

What are the traits of a successful startup engineer?

We took that question to startup tech leaders and recruiters to uncover the ideal startup engineering persona.

For long-time startup engineers: knowing these traits will help you highlight key skillsets and experiences when applying for your next role.

New to the…

There is no shortage of to-dos at a startup. On these small and scrappy teams, you’re often wearing multiple hats.

That’s one of the reasons many software engineers prefer working at a startup.

In this fast-paced environment, how can you make the most of your limited time?

We sought to…

They say data is king. But that’s only true if you can get insights from the data that guide your choices.

To get those insights, you need the right database. But choosing between database options isn’t easy. …

If you’re interviewing at a startup, then equity will likely be part of your compensation offering.

For many people, equity is a huge draw to working at a startup. There is, of course, the potential to earn a substantial amount of money should an exit event take place. But equity…

Product managers often progress in their career by stepping into leadership, going from ‘doer’ to a manager.

Many PM’s assume that’s the only way to advance. After all, many companies build the career path that way; You have to start managing other PM’s if you want a raise.

But moving…

How Carnegie Mellon is Turning Academic Research into Innovative Products

There’s a graveyard of impressive research results that were created in university environments but never launched as products.

What is keeping academic research-based technology from successfully entering the market?

Maybe the inventor never found a way to spin the technology into a business. …

So you’ve set up a firewall to guard your network.

You can finally lean back and take a breather. Your data is safe… right?

At this point, you know that’s a pipe dream. …

Lauren Alexander

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